Designer Australian Swimwear

Conscious about overproduction, Contessa Volpi only creates a very limited number of high quality, ethical and locally produced pieces each year. Every swimsuit is 100% Australian designed and lovingly handmade in Sydney, resulting in some of the highest quality, luxury, Australian made swimwear on the market.

The belief that every woman is beautiful, at every size and every age, is the foundation of Contessa Volpi. Every style is tested on real women's bodies, giving you the perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Sixties inspired swimwear, timeless style with a retro twist

With a subtle nod to the cultural revolution of the Sixties - an era of fashion innovation and newfound independence for women - Contessa Volpi’s swimwear collection features florals, stripes, paisley inspired floral, and animal print designs. Drawing inspiration from a powerful decade where traditions were broken and self-expression was encouraged, Contessa Volpi has this year introduced mix and match bikinis, allowing customers to create their own top and bottom combination to best suit their personal style and shape.

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