Designer Australian Swimwear

Enthusiastic and joyful , we believe in wholistic quality. That's why our production is limited edition and handmade in Sydney , having full control over our process from beginning to end allowing us to ensure our standards are maintained throughout.

We are passionate about creating beautiful and unique designer swimwear and every style is tested on real women's bodies, giving you the perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Forties inspired swimwear celebrates the beauty of women

“Celebrating female empowerment means celebrating the beauty of all women; I believe every woman is beautiful, every age is beautiful, and every decade of your life brings out a new form of beauty. While I’ve always designed my swimwear to enhance natural curves, this year I’ve added even more designs and styles to provide women with more choices - wider shoulders, more breast coverage, less skimpy bikinis etc. It’s about offering a woman more choices so she doesn’t feel the need to conform to a certain style, but rather choose something that is uniquely flattering to her individual shape.” Enrica Volpi

Emma one piece swimsuit dots black swimwear | Contessa Volpi Summer 2019/2020 Collection