Boutique Italian Inspired Swimwear Handcrafted in Australia

Contessa Volpi swimwear is the product of many years of inspiration and ambition: a swimwear label that is stylish, unique and made to the highest quality. Specializing in one piece swimsuits and bikinis that are handmade from the finest Italian Lycra, Contessa Volpi was inspired by a passion for the finest classic designs and nature’s incredible beauty.

Founder Enrica Volpi, started her career studying fashion at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy, after which she worked with celebrated fashion designers in Northern Italy. This eventually led Enrica to launch her first collection under the lingerie & swimwear label Adorisadora.  Here Enrica developed her unique style which has now been acclaimed across the world.  

Enrica then spent a full year living and travelling across Australia, where she fell in love with the culture, lifestyle and amazing natural landscapes. Contessa Volpi swimwear was born. This journey inspired Enrica to start a swimwear collection that combined her experience and passion, creating swimwear design and prints of the highest quality, all handmade in Sydney Australia. 

A Message from Enrica

Thank you for visiting Contessa Volpi swimwear, it’s my pleasure to share our latest collection with you!

Our current line offers a cosmopolitan interpretation of modern Australian beach side fashion, combined with a hint of European sophistication and a revival of 50’s swimwear. According to Vogue, swimwear had become more of "state of dress, not undress" by the mid-1950s . The bikini had a colourful period on the cinema screens and made an impact in the late 50s and launched Brigitte Bardot into the spotlight. To think of 1950’s fashion is akin to a bright summer's day!  Glamorous shapes, colourful prints and always exaggerated with volume. 

Through my collection I would like to express the cheerfulness and euphoria of that decade. There are some classic 50’s inspired prints, such as small polka and floral prints with a hand painted feel, that we are bringing back as a part of this collection. With a silhouette that channels vintage beauty icons, distinctive and exclusive in-house design prints, the swimsuits and bikinis from Contessa Volpi will become timeless pieces in your swimwear collection.

Thank you to all the people who inspire me, push me and believe in me. Let the adventure continue!