Florals, frills and bohemian chic - Contessa Volpi’s Seventies inspired swimwear

2019 summer_alice-one-piece-ripple-jacquard-black-swimwear_contessa-volpi

Contessa Volpi is the product of many years of inspiration and ambition: a swimwear label that is stylish, unique and of the highest quality. We specialise in one piece swimsuits and bikinis that are made from high-quality and sustainable Italian Lycra in Sydney, Australia. If you want swimmers that are inspired by Italian design and made to the highest standards in Australia, you have found the right place.  


With inspiration drawn from the Seventies, the New Collection embraces bohemian chic with just a touch of the surreal. A gorgeous line-up of predominantly full piece swimsuits, Contessa Volpi’s newest collection is a subtle nod to the Seventies while maintaining its classically modern designs. Featuring flattering retro-style cuts, bandeaus, ruffles and florals, the whimsical collection is a glimpse into the past and a celebration of female awakening.


 Contessa Volpi’s Designer and Founder, Enrica Volpi, said she’s always found something alluring about the Seventies. That feeling as though it was a simpler, more innocent time, while being also a powerful era filled with political change and sexual revolution.

“I love that soft bohemian femininity of the Seventies. For me it conjures up an image of a young woman walking through flower fields…. wearing flowing skirts and garlands in her hair. This is the main essence I was trying to capture and is represented in the frills and florals throughout this season’s collection.

“But beyond that ‘prettiness’, the Seventies were also about women finding their voice; their power, and their sexual freedom. So I’ve also brought an element of that daring and strength into the designs this year. It really is a celebration of the full spectrum of what it is to be female; from softness to strength and power.”


The colour palette is a dreamy mix of aubergines, greys, blacks and whites, while luxe fabrics boast distinctive retro prints of florals, stripes and her bespoke ‘print spades’. Featuring ultra-flattering cuts that enhance a woman’s natural shape, the new collection effortlessly combines elements of high-end style with relaxed beachside comfort. Plus, all Contessa Volpi bathing suits are ethically made in Sydney, using the highest quality, sustainable Italian Lycra.

“We’ve been using sustainable Italian Lycra since Contessa Volpi’s inception. My love for the ocean has always been a huge consideration in how the pieces are made. We create very limited quantities each year and all pieces are ethically made right here in Sydney.”

“We use a high quality, Italian fabric using ECONYL®, which is a yarn that comes from 100% regenerated materials such as fishing nets and other pieces recovered from the ocean. There’s just something so poetic about taking ocean waste and turning it into beautiful, luxury swimwear.”


Let us bring a sense of sophistication and glamour to your life.


Thank you to all the people who inspire me, push me and believe in me. Let the adventure continue!