The collaboration with this amazing and super creative Australian girl, Elle May Leckenby, is going on from years now.. and every time is always more surprising and beautiful!

Thanks so much Elle for your passion and the blog you wrote about us..

A sneak peek of it:  "Contessa Volpi are a swimwear label I have worked alongside a few years now. Enrica is a talented Italian designer, now based in Sydney and creating these pieces each by hand in Australia!  Some of the most flattering, timeless designs I have found through their label. The fabric is quality with the needed thought that holds your body into a beautiful, flattering firm shape. I have grown up mostly by the ocean so swimming for me is almost like a ritual, in any kind of weather! I am also very picky with the designs however when seeing her's, you cant help to fall in love. Also because it fits so well with my biggest ocean / holiday inspiration..."





The full blog here:



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