Thanks to Penelope Herbert, Contessa Volpi Swimwear is featured in THE STYLE PODCAST for a personal insight into the life and mind of the label's designer, Enrica Volpi.

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"From the moment I saw the new collection from Contessa Volpi I knew I wanted to have a chat with the designer, Enrica Volpi. Enrica studied design at the New Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown of Milan, Italy, where she launched her first swimwear and lingerie collection, Adorisadora. Working with quality textiles, attractive colours and unique print combinations inspired Enrica’s work and heighten her passion for fashion. But let’s face it, the Italians are exquisite designers; it’s in their DNA.

Contessa Volpi is a passionate, stylish and sophisticated brand. It combines modern Australian beachside with 1920’s freedom from constricting fashion and society. In the podcast, Enrica talks about why the 1920’s inspired her, how she launched Contessa Volpi, and why she wants to celebrate ‘real’ women."


Here the full podcast:

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