Stunning Melbourne blogger Carmel Therese from DRAW DRESS DREAM wrote this post in which she explains how you can feel fabulous and beautiful in a swimsuit during your pregnancy, if you find the right one! She is talking about One Piece Emma from Contessa Volpi Swimwear ;) ...

"The key is to choose a classic style in a solid colour that accentuates your curves, while being flattering and comfortable at the same time. I found the perfect suit at Contessa Volpi that does just that and I can tell you now that I will be wearing it too after the bub is born. I love how it hugs and supports my belly (thankfully the fabric has enough stretch) while looking super glamorous at the same time"..




"I’m also loving the bikinis from this Italian- Australian designer and if I’m brave enough that will be my next goal. Check out her beautiful range here. "..



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