• "Contessa Volpi is an exciting new swimwear range that combines Italian style with Australian freshness"..This is how the beautiful blog post made by Don't call me Penny starts.       "The Southern Hemisphere is moving rapidly into Spring and Summer. Thoughts now turn towards days at the beach,... View Post
  • The coming Italian summer is just a few short weeks away. There are many beautiful beaches in Europe, and particularly Italy. There are plenty of places to go and lots of sightseeing opportunities. Our favourite places are Cinque Terre and Sardegna, fashionable beaches where you can see and be se... View Post
  • From David Collier Photography: "Hello, it has been a few months since my last email, so time to share some recent work with you all. Contessa Volpi Swimwear is made from Italian Lycra and manufactured here in Australia.We had perfect weather and a fantastic pool location in Sydney for our shoot ... View Post