The coming Italian summer is just a few short weeks away. There are many beautiful beaches in Europe, and particularly Italy. There are plenty of places to go and lots of sightseeing opportunities.

Our favourite places are Cinque Terre and Sardegna, fashionable beaches where you can see and be seen. Cinque Terre is a seaside village in the Italian Riviera with ancient vineyards, and plenty of oceanside seafood restaurants where you can relax after a day at the beach and watch the latest catch come in on the boats. Sardegna is a large island in the Mediterranean, surrounded by 2000 km of sandy coastline. There are busy beaches where you can show off your bikini, or quieter beaches where you can truly relax. Costa Smeralda may be one of the most perfect places where your swimwear may be the perfect and subtle match to the beautiful coastal landscape.

Before spring ends, it’s your opportunity to purchase Contessa Volpi online, or during your travels to Italy. If visiting in person, you must stop at the shops in Milan, Atelier Petite Thérèse and in Treviglio (little beautiful town close to Bergamo), Dressing Salad.

Atelier Petite Thérèse is a stunning little Atelier in which you can be completely original! Each garment, from dresses to pants, has a sense of harmonious coordination.

Dressing Salad is a boutique for all women who want to rediscover a unique style. Every quality garment is chosen with care, passion and a pinch of creativity!

Both of these 2 shops perfectly match each Contessa Volpi swimwear piece which has been lovingly handcrafted with a hint of European sophistication—the colours are elegant, the patterns simple, yet fashionable; the bikinis are classily sophisticated, and provide discreet coverage of the female form, yet are revealing enough to provide glamour.

Come to visit us in Italy! xxx


Atelier Petite Thérèse , Viale Col di Lana 2 , 20144 Milan - ITALY.






Dressing Salad , Via Zanda 8 , 24047 Treviglio (Bergamo) - ITALY .




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