Living in Australia is one of the best things one can ever experience. The wildlife and the people who live there are amazing as well as the vibrant culture that surrounds it. One of the things that people love about Australia is the weather. Australians love their summer because there are tons of reasons to love it.


Here are a few but amazing reasons to try an Australian summer:

Wear what you want when you want

There is no such thing as dress codes when it comes to summer beach wear. You can wear it as long as you are comfortable enough to do it and why not? Very stylish and glamorous too! Say hello to CONTESSA VOLPI and then fall head-over-heels in love with his sporty meets sexy BEATRICE bikini and swimsuits .

Christmas day by the beach

Yes, people spend their Christmas soaking up all the sun by the beach or pool because summer months in Australia are during December, January and February.

 Staying out before the sun comes down

If you grew up with folks who want you home before the sun goes down, then your kids will love summer in Australia simply because the sun goes down at around 7pm that means more time for play!

 Free events

The best thing about summer is the events because most of them are free. There are no fees, no hidden charges just pure fun. Now you can make more memories without hurting your wallet.


Backyard games

Children and adults alike love to play games outdoors during summer time. Most of them love to play backyard cricket because it is one of Australia’s favourite sports.

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