Ever changing and ever evolving, the fashion world can be a challenging one to keep up with. The world of swimwear trends is one of the most rapidly changing of all – the very style that less than a year ago was all the rage may quickly become passé. Luckily, at Contessa Volpi our finger is always on the pulse of what’s happening in the swimwear universe. These are some of our picks for the must-know 2019 swimwear trends.

Ruffles and Frills

Once upon a time, ruffles on a swimsuit were reserved for children and those searching for an ‘eccentric’ option. Not any more - ruffles and similar design touches are now all the rage and are being used by many top swimwear designers.

Subtle ruffles are par for the course, but as they become increasingly en vogue, a more in-your-face usage of ruffles is being appreciated by fashionistas. Our glamorous Olivia one piece incorporates elegant ruffle details, on a top that is both sexy and sophisticated.





Fashion is notorious for looking backwards for inspiration, even as it moves forwards. It’s often said that fashion and other artistic styles have 20 year cycles, and this is certainly appears to be true when looking at the 90s inspired spring/summer 2019 swimwear trends.


Of course, 90s fashion was heavily influenced by 70s styling, reinforcing that ’20 year rule’. Therefore the most on trend pieces for this season recall 70s styles just as much as those from the 1990s. Contessa Volpi’s Designer and Founder, Enrica Volpi, has always been inspired by the elements of femininity that characterized style in the 1970s, alongside the themes of female strength and emancipation that made this decade such a special one. This inspiration has led to the creation of a tour de force 2019 swimwear collection that draws from that decade’s most beloved style points. This fun and floral Alice one piece is a perfect example of on-trend retro print and styling with a modern twist.





While this is a term more often associated with foodstuff and energy, increasingly environment conscious consumers are now demanding that their luxe swimwear be crafted using sustainable materials and practices. After all, neither the planet nor its flora and fauna should have to suffer for us to look our best at the beach. Since the brand’s inception, Contessa Volpi has used sustainable Italian Lycra in limited quantities to make ethical bathing suits locally in Sydney. The luxurious, high quality Italian fabric used by Contessa Volpi is Econyl ® - regenerated yarn that helps protect the very oceans we enjoy in our swimsuits!


Animal Print

Fashion has always had a love-hate relationship with animal print. At some points in the ever unfolding history of style, it has been considered terribly garish and unfashionable, while other seasons have seen racks awash with an array of these wild prints.

2019 is definitely shaping up to be in the latter category, with animal print proving to be an undeniable trend this year. A prevailing twist is the popularity of animal prints on flashy-coloured fabrics, such as the almost fluorescent orange leopard print bikini worn by American TV star Tracee Elis Ross.


These are just a few of the trends you need to know about as you strive to be in style on the beach and at the pool this year. With 2019’s heavy retro leanings, Contessa Volpi’s 70’s inspired new collection is the perfect place to start!

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